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Management often think that their strategy is clear but it is not always so that the employees know where the company is heading or what their role in the journey is. In order for a company to reach its full potential, it needs to recognize and utilize the potential of all its employees as well.

Together with our clients we use well known models and tools such as 4P, SWOT, Ishikawa diagram and other analysis tools in our work with strategy and management by objectives.

Our experience has taught us the importance of involving everybody in the strategy work and to visualize the company strategy for all employees on a daily basis.

The strategy of a company is the foundation for all improvement work. If we do not know where we are heading - how do we know what to focus on to get there? With a clear and well understood strategy the employees can focus on the right things in their daily work - to support and implement the strategy.

We help our clients to develop and communicate their strategy using business intelligence, SWOT analysis as well as other tools.

Management by Objectives

Company objectives and strategy are tightly connected. To achieve the strategic goals it is necessary to break them down to operational goals which can be measured and followed on a regular basis. That also enables the possibility to act quickly if there is a gap between as is and wanted position.

In our work together with our clients we analyze the strategy and break down the strategic goals to measurable operational goals. The operational goals and the measurements thereof ensures that the strategic goals of the company are accomplished.