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Lean & Six Sigma are methodologies that supports an organization to identify improvement opportunities in their processes based on the quality required by the customer.

In Lean the main focus is to make the process flow as "clean" as possible. Activities in the process that does not add value to the internal or external customer should be removed.

The focus of Six Sigma is to reduce the variation in the process so that the output is within acceptable quality level for the customer. By using Six Sigma an organization increases its control over the processes which also makes them more predictable and stable.

We perform training in Lean Six Sigma  on different levels such as Introduction, Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt. We also have experience of supporting companies in their implementation of Lean Six Sigma programmes. Example of parts of a Lean Six Sigma program are: preparation/planning, training on different levels in the organization, project selection, roll out of Lean Six Sigma in the organizaiton and coaching of LSS project managers.