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Business development

In order for a company to be able to reach its full potential and continue to create added value for its customers, it needs to continuously identify areas of improvement. It can be challenging for a company today to work with continuous improvements in a systematical and controlled way. Global competition is constantly increasing, with price pressure as one result and at the same time the cost of sales has not decreased. With support from SB Development and the methods we use, like Lean Six Sigma, Quality control and implementation of a Management System, you can establish well structured and controlled improvement work. There are different ways to reach development of your business. Continuous improvement is something that needs to be developed and maintained by everyone in the company. Only then can it become embedded in the company culture and contribute to the added value for the customers.

Successful implementation of quality control is an area where we help our clients. Together with the client we identify which improvement opportunities there are, we develop proposals how to implement them as well as support in the implementation itself.
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Change management is a structured way of working to achieve change in individuals, teams and organizations. Change management enables a change from a current state to a wanted future state. The change can be a new behaviour, a new business process or a technology. A successful change needs commitment and participation from the involved stakeholders. 
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Process modelling is a method to systematically map the present way of working and identify what in the process needs to be changed to reach a wanted future state.
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